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A clear definition on the Orbit offering.

Below is a breakdown of how we define our offering into products and services. We are dedicated to providing the right agile solution for you.

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Orbit Vision


Orbit Vision is our innovative platform incorporating a wide range of applications available for immediate use to solve your data mining and processing challenges. Fill the gaps in your current data analysis portfolio and receive the data in the format and frequency you require. Generate the data against customisable algorithms and run calculations against that data to reveal actionable and accurate insights and opportunities.

Orbit Tailor


Our bespoke solution that leverages the power and flexibility of the Orbit Vision apps whilst providing a custom solution for your business. White labelling, API integrations and non-standard billing methods = Orbit Tailor.

Typical workflow

We have been very careful to maintain the required functionality while delivering a consistent and easy to use platform so you always feel at home regardless of the chosen app.

Step 1

Select app

Select the app you need to perform the task at hand

Orbit Vision

Step 2

Job prep

Enter the required information to prepare the task

Orbit Vision

Step 3


Set Orbit Vision running to perform the task

Orbit Vision

Step 4

The output

Receive the output in the format you requested

Orbit Vision

Step 5

Next steps

Use the data or another app to process further

Orbit Vision

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How its charged

Our consumption-based pricing model ensures you pay for what you use. No subscriptions to be tied to and no charging for features you may never use. Our priority is to provide an easy to use, scalable solution to fit the demands of your data mining and processing needs whilst being able to keep control over your spend. PLEASE NOTE: We do also offer fixed monthly billing and are happy to discuss your billing requirements.


Each App works on a unit cost basis, which has been individually calibrated and charged accordingly, again providing the best possible value to you. Simply select the app you’d like to use, enter the required information and parameters and the cost for that task will be calculated and displayed in realtime before you commit. You can also take advantage of our soft-capping system which helps you stay in control.

Complete transparency and flexibility.

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