Thematic search

Uncover opportunities and insights from your chosen theme.

Deep thematic searches on all public filings, news and press releases across multiple regions. Define custom concepts and themes with ease and extract accurate actionable insights from Orbit’s historical data.

Typical use cases

  • Asset managers can quickly scan data without the need for technical capabilities.

  • Clear analysis of themes and trends.

  • A number of related tools to help facilitate further text analysis.

NLP Pre-processing

  • All public filings, news, press releases and transcripts from exchanges in15 major countries/regions, with 5 years of historical data updated daily.

  • Supports multilingual terms.

  • Results mapped to ticker/ISIN, available to browse as raw documents. Incremental documents searched daily.

Machine Learning

  • Create the search task and configure the parameters.

  • Select existing or create chosen concept.

  • Review detail (and cost if on consumption-based pricing model).

  • Run the search.

  • Notification sent when the search is complete and the results available to view in the way you choose.

Case study

Case study

In 2017, one of our clients launched one of the world’s first AI funds at a crucial moment for the AI industry. It was/is crucial to have a systematic methodology to screen the entire universe and narrow down to a manageable size for follow up processes. “Their platform has helped us to deliver one of the strongest investment track records in the world over the past 3 years.” The fund manager (Chris Ford)

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